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FARO® SCENE Features

Lastest SCENE Features

Real Time On-Site Registration
The latest SCENE 7.0 release features a new real time, on-site registration which enables 3D scan data to be wirelessly transmitted, processed, aligned and registered directly to an onsite mobile device or PC in real time*.

Overview Map
Create an overview map of the whole scan project. This map can be created of any SCENE project by the touch of a button and will be automatically created during the on-site registration.

Enhanced Ortho-Images
The Ortho-Image function allows users to create ortho-images in every alignment of the image plane. Users can also export the 2D images in x-ray mode via the common image file types and as 2D/ 3D .dxf files.

Advanced Filtering
Various advanced filtering options (e.g. Edge Artifact Filter & Project Point Cloud Filter) improve the cleanliness and color balancing of each data set.

Improved WebShare Cloud Integration
Upload scans, sections, and complete project point clouds directly to WebShare Cloud with all applied filters resulting in exceptional visual 3D quality data.

Scanner Control Task
In SCENE 7.0 the user can control the FARO Focus S or M Laser Scanner remotely by directly connecting to the device wirelessly via the SCENE user interface.

SCENE Virtual Reality Viewer
A new VR Plug-in for SCENE allows scans to be viewed in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift.

Other Features

On-site Compensation
With the on-site compensation tool users can verify and adjust the scanner’s compensation on-site or in the office. SCENE and SCENE LT support this functionality for all new Focus S Series Laser Scanners.*

3D Mesh Engine
The SCENE 3D mesh engine creates watertight meshes of scanned object surfaces in rich detail from 3D selections or clippings. A new smoothing option reduces measurement noise and create meshes with a smooth texture. Supported mesh formats are: .stl, .obj, .ply and .wrl (VRML).

Powerful Solid 3D Surfaces Rendering
The state-of-the-art solid surfaces rendering engine is capable of displaying enormous amounts of scan points very quickly and with high quality.

HDR Mapping
The fully automatic HDR mapping function permits to preserve the image details and colour appearance of the scan data registered with a Focus Laser Scanner** even in challenging lighting situations.

Intuitive User Interface
SCENE features an intuitive user interface that offers guidance and support for complex tasks

Plug-Ins for Extended Functionality
The unique plug-in interface lets users extend SCENE´s functionality by installing additional apps. All apps are on the FARO 3D App Center.


*Available for Focus S Laser Scanners only.
**Available for scanners with HDR functionality only.


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