Case Study

Industrial producer saves time, reduces scrap & satisfies customers


Brodie International, a global manufacturer of high-precision liquid flow meters and valves for the petroleum and industrial markets, realized they needed a better, faster and more accurate way to perform quality inspections.

Conventional measurement tools such as height gauges, calipers and fixed CMMs were slow and not getting the job done for complicated parts with compound curves. In the past they had considered portable measurement arms but these products were not meeting their accuracy requirements.

Upon receiving a demo of the FARO® QuantumS ScanArm, they realized that this was the first portable measurement arm that could meet their accuracy requirements.

Additional benefits were that:

Portability enabled parts to be measured on-machine, saving a huge amount of time, not only in transit, but in eliminating the time lost when remounting the part on the machine after measurement.

In one application, using the QuantumS reduced inspection time from 10 hours to just 30 minutes, while gathering infinitely more data versus the fixed CMM.

Customer satisfaction was improved as a result of higher quality and more efficient production, leading to faster delivery.

Case Study
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