Case Study

Datum Metrology prospers with FARO Laser Trackers (PART 1)

Startup to success Datum Metrology prospers with FARO Laser Trackers PART 1
CASE STUDY: Simplified Workflows & Improved Features are Key to Managing Growth

In this two-part series, we examine the successes achieved by Datum Metrology by choosing FARO® Vantage Laser Trackers, paired with BuildIT Software for metrology services such as jig building and bond tooling.

This installment, PART 1, focuses on the hardware use case, exploring how the versatility and portability of the Vantage Laser Tracker allowed them to kit the ground running, cutting time in their process and improving efficiency to fast track their business success.
Case Study
Controllo qualità e ispezione
Fornitori di servizi di misurazione
Metallurgia, lavorazioni meccaniche e assemblaggio
Laser Tracker
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