Case Study

Theatre reimagined: a technology-driven transformation in five acts

Hand-crafted woodworking and cutting-edge design and prefabrication provided the backbone to the Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre’s $32 million transformation.

By using virtual templating, which projects accurate templates on a manufacturing or installation surface, planners can see significant ROI and workflow efficiency in a matter of months. Other industries, including aerospace manufacturing, have adopted virtual templating as a model process for fabrication and the construction industry is not far behind.

Read this case study of an Atlanta, Georgia landmark to learn how and why the most competitive AEC companies are quickly incorporating laser projection solutions into their workflow.
Case Study
Architettura, ingegneria ed edilizia
Proiezione e layout di progettazione
Architettura, ingegneria e edilizia
Proiettori laser
Scanner 3D
Software - Architettura, ingegneria ed edilizia
BuildIT Construction
BuildIT Projector
Costruzione e edilizia

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