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Virtual reality in public safety & forensics

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How VR is making its way in pre-incident planning, training, investigations, courtroom presentation & more

Is virtual reality the new reality?

Virtual reality (VR) in the past decade has made some significant and rapid advancements thanks to innovations in computer technology to create powerful, practical, yet affordable VR-capable devices. What was once thought of as just for "gamers," VR has grown into a real tool to use for multiple industries including education, law enforcement and more.

With so much buzz around VR, how do you know what is real and relevant for those in public safety or forensics?

In this webinar, we will focus on clarifying just that, to share some ways VR is being used in the field and tools available to you to start exploring.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Hear public safety and forensics professionals discuss where they currently use or plan to use VR
  • Discover how VR can enhance or replace current tools or methods of pre-planning, training, investigations and court presentations
  • Learn multiple ways your agency can benefit from the use of virtual reality
  • Get access and know-how on tools available to you for you or your agency to get started

Alina Burroughs | Applications Engineer & Senior Global Public Safety-Forensic Specialist, FARO® Technologies

Alina-burroughsAlina Burroughs came to FARO Technologies in 2015 after over 12 years as a crime scene investigator. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida. Alina is a former senior certified crime scene analyst and instructor of Forensic Science at the college level. Alina is a published author in the Journal of Forensic Identification and has received awards for Investigative skill from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Registrazione webinar/presentazione
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