Road-Scanner C “Compact Edition“ – The best among mobile mapping systems

FARO® and Siteco Informatica have partnered together to  bring the most compact and affordable mobile mapping system for AEC and law enforcement customers. The Road-Scanner C is a state-of-the-art system that is more flexible than competitive systems and priced to appeal to a broad market of users who need to capture existing infrastructure for applications such as utility pole location, electric transmission and distribution lines, etc.

This partnership pairs FARO‘s worldwide sales network with Siteco‘s technical expertise in mobile mapping systems to launch the new Road-Scanner C. Under this agreement FARO will provide a global sales network to market the Road-Scanner C while Siteco will execute sales, installations and support of the mobile mapping systems.


The system is equipped with two FARO Focus3D Laser Scanners, a Ladybug5 30 megapixel 360° spherical camera, high quality Applanix Inertial Navigator and Siteco software. The flexibility to detach the Focus3D Laser Scanners and use them independently as stand-alone laser-scanners sets this solution apart from conventional mobile mapping systems and greatly improves the ROI for customers.

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GNSS-IMU Component

Channels GPS+GLONASS L1/L2
Gyro Bias stability 0.1°-1°/hr
Gyro Bias Offset 0.1°-1°/hr

Physical and Environmental specs

Size 600x600x900 mm
Weight Appx. 50 kgs
Operating Temperature -5°C to 40°C

Imagery Components

Ladybug 5 Spher. camera 6x5 Mpx cameras
Gigaethernet cameras Up to 7 x 4 Mpx


Absolute Accuracy <2 cm with Ground Control Points
Relative LIDAR Accuracy 1 to 7 mm

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