Concrete Industry Set to Embrace New FARO® Flatness Check App

In the concrete industry, pouring a flat, level slab is a critical first-step in any jobsite build.

For foreman and superintendents looking to save time, improve quality and prevent costly rework, the new FARO Flatness Check app is ideal. Flatness Check enables the immediate visualization of floor flatness and floor levelness and it does so in real-time with an augmented reality colorized heat map generated from point cloud data collected by a FARO Focus laser scanner.

Integrated with Sphere, FARO’s cloud-based platform, now other involved parties and trades can better coordinate their work and share their progress with other project stakeholders.

On the jobsite, uneven concrete slab areas can be detected in just minutes and fixes can be implemented, fast— even while the concrete is still wet.

This ensures that:

  • Schedules are kept
  • Projects are completed faster with less waste
  • And new business can be pursued

A standard iPad is all it takes. Download in the Apple Store or through a link in the FARO Sphere portal.

Watch this video to learn more about the FARO® Flatness Check app. Discover how it can radically transform the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your concrete pour needs and augment your 3D laser scanning equipment for buildings.

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