Ensure Precision in Geospatial Mapping

FARO solutions capture the most comprehensive surveying data.
Digitizing the relationship between natural and human-made environments is increasingly important in building a more sustainable future. Plus, AEC professionals need accurate geospatial imaging in order to increase construction efficiency and ROI. FARO ensures precision every step of the way so you can be confident in your measurements.

Collect better data for better geospatial engineering

Civil Engineers

Keep public works projects on track and within exact tolerances.

Site Coordinators

Get data faster, avoid surprises and stay on schedule.

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Case Study

Laser Scanner Enables Earthquake Analysis

FARO solutions collected and analyzed data after the Tláhuac earthquake in Mexico City.
Case Study

Cape Cod Resort Goes Luxury

The Chatham Bars Inn and its 37 buildings initiated a $100 million renovation that began with FARO laser scanning technology.
A screenshot of a construction project in progress, overlayed with geospatial data

Implementing Remote and Digital Jobsite Operations

Take a closer look at effectively planning, managing and collaborating on projects remotely.

Geospatial Industry Insights

In partnering with FARO, you’ll benefit from our years of experience helping architects, engineers and construction professionals hone their operations. We’ve collected all our insights in a library of resources for you.

Geospatial Product Spotlight

FARO Focus Laser Scanners

Captures fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings.

Focus Swift Indoor Mobile Scanner

The first fully integrated indoor 3D mobile mapping solution; designed for large-area as-built capturing.

Scanner FARO Freestyle 2

Designed for fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with ultra-responsive real-time display.

FARO BuildIT Construction Software

The first complete software solution for continuous construction verification.

FARO As-BuiltTM Software

Guarantees the most direct workflow from any captured reality data into usable CAD and BIM models.
We can now provide a good point cloud or model with reasonable accuracy in a short amount of time at a price that eliminates non-scanning competition offerings, and is less than clients who use scanners from other manufacturers.
Tommy Maddox
BC Engineering & Design LLC
Reduction in travel expenses due to speed of capture. Increase in quality of deliverable over hand measurements. Decrease in rework costs due to lack of information/bad information of hand measurements.
Jaymin Read
Architectural Graphics Inc.
The greatest benefits of the laser scanning solutions [are] only having to visit the site once and being able to gather hard-to-access measurements.
Rodney Roebuck
Roebuck Contracting Inc.

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