Intuitive user interface
SCENE features a newly enhanced intuitive user interface that offers guidance and support for complex tasks. In addition, the project transfer (e.g., from SD Card), scan processing and initial registration can be performed in one single step with improved and automated workflows. Various filtering options and improved survey control registration results guarantee highest data quality and verification.

Powerful solid 3D surfaces rendering
The state-of-the-art solid surfaces rendering engine is capable of displaying enormous amounts of scan points very quickly and with high quality.

3D Meshing
The new 3D mesh engine allows the creation of watertight meshes of rich in detail scan surfaces from 3D selections or clippings. Supported mesh formats are: .stl, .obj, .ply and .wrl (VRML).

HDR mapping
The fully automatic HDR mapping fuction permits to preserve the image details and colour appearance of the scan data registered with a Focus3D HDR laser scanner even in challenging lighting situations.

Autodesk® ReCap™ Format
Individual scans and whole scan projects can now be exported into Autodesk ReCap Format

SCENE WebShare Cloud integration
With SCENE WebShare Cloud, data can be created and published directly to the Internet for secure sharing with various project partners. Multi-layer overview maps are now exportable from SCENE to WebShare Cloud.

Plug-Ins for extended funcionality
The unique plug-in interface lets user extend the SCENE´s functionality by installing additional apps. All apps are on the FARO 3D App Center.

ASTM E57 industry standard
Through this manufacturer-independent binary data exchange format users may import and export scanning data regardless of the specific product used to capture it.

On-site compensation
With the new on-site compensation tool users can verify and adjust the scanner’s compensation on-site or in the office. SCENE and SCENE LT support this functionality for all new FocusS Laser Scanner devices.

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