Quality Control and Inspection

Meeting quality requirements with 3D measurement solutions
Improve your quality control and inspection processes, whether you need to catch errors earlier in the manufacturing process or reduce your overall rework and scrap.

Solve Your Quality Problems with FARO

In order to stay competitive, you need to meet ever-stricter quality standards — but you have to do it as cost-effectively as possible. You can’t invest in a quality control or inspection solution only to find out that it doesn’t perform as you expected, or that it requires significant changes to your team’s workflow, skills or software. At FARO, we understand. That’s why we’ve developed our 3D measurement technologies and quality control inspection software to integrate with your existing systems so you can take your operations to the next level of excellence with complete support every step of the way.

Provable ROI

When you choose FARO, your quality improvements will help you quickly recoup the cost of the solution and drive increased profitability.

Ease of Use

Even your non-technical team members will be able to use FARO equipment correctly, ensuring inspection accuracy and speed. Data and reporting outputs are accessible and easy to understand.

Reliable Post-sale Support

Rest assured that FARO provides immediate support to minimize downtime, as well as ongoing training for your expanding team.

Quality Control and Inspection Solutions

FARO 3D measurement technologies help manufacturers improve their quality control and inspection processes across a wide range of operations.
A FARO 3D laser scanner capturing precision measurements of a protective breathing apparatus

Machined Parts Inspection

Verify precision and accuracy of every machined part.
A parts assembly management worker assembling parts in a factory

Parts Assembly Management

Take the complexity out of your most comprehensive assemblies.
Two workers holding a component and using special equipment for large-scale parts assembly management

Large-scale Parts Assembly Management

Measure large parts with ease right on the assembly floor.
Two workers replacing an airplane engine with a device that required careful tool building measurement

Tool Building Measurement

Ensure the accuracy of your tools and related components.
A worker interacting with a large-scale injection mold for inspection

Injection Molding Inspection

Inspect or reverse-engineer molds and parts with the highest precision.
A worker working in a sheet metal stamping facility

Sheet Metal Stamping

Stamp with precision the first time, every time.
Pieces from die casting mold machine in a manufacturing facility with a worker in the background


Create complex shapes with high resolution and accuracy.
A worker in a hardhat using forging technology


Forge ahead with 3D measurement tools to evaluate complex forged part geometry.
A worker performing a composite manufacturing inspection

Composite Manufacturing and Inspection

Build with strength, flexibility, accuracy and safety.
Two men looking at a part made with additive manufacturing technologies

Additive Manufacturing

Ensure precision of parts built through additive manufacturing.
An industrial automation system for vehicle manufacturing

Industrial Automation Quality Control

Automate industrial processes and eliminate the guesswork in quality control.
I have found that their learning curve is relatively smooth and the software used with it makes for a straightforward approach for digital inspection and reverse engineering.
Zachary Herbert
Standard Forged Products
Excellent tool for part inspection and validation layout.
Jeffrey Harne
Ford Motor Company
Our FARO tool has been extremely useful in our manufacturing operations for checking critical dimensions and also to evaluate work pieces for customer requests.
Josh Ford
LMC Workholding

Case Studies Featuring FARO Quality Control Solutions


Airbus Reduces Inspection Cycle Time by 80%

The aircraft manufacturer uses a FARO solution to ensure accurate fuselage assembly.

Boeing Supplier of the Year Wins Jobs

Woodland Trade Co. lands tight-tolerance aerospace contracts, thanks to FARO.

Brodie International Saves Time and Cuts Scrap

The petroleum and industrial equipment provider improves the inspection process with FARO.

Manufacturer Builds Large Tooling with Tight Tolerances

An aerospace manufacturing superstar relies on FARO for precision measurement.

Speak with a Quality Control Expert

For 40 years, FARO has partnered with manufacturers to improve their quality control and inspection processes. We want to do the same for you.

Quality Control Insights

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