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3D Metrology Applications

Quality Control and Inspection

Improve your manufacturing quality control processes, catching errors earlier in the process and reducing your overall rework and scrap.

Production, Fabrication and Assembly

Reach your production goals, whether you need to improve alignment and part placement, speed up tooling or maintenance, or increase throughput and yield.

Product Design and Engineering

Overcome your engineering challenges by increasing design generation speed, sharing mockups more easily and interpreting data more quickly for manufacturing.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Applications

As-Built Capture and Modeling

Improve your as-built workflow with this construction software, which is compatible with your scan to BIM system

Construction Prefabrication

Build panels and modular units with greater accuracy and speed so you can take advantage of the time- and cost-saving benefits of off-site construction.

Construction Quality Control

Improve quality and reduce rework at every stage of construction with the ability to get real-time feedback and capture complete project documentation.

Design Layout and Projection

Project design model data directly onto building materials so structures can be constructed according to their original designs, and with greater speed.

Digital Twin Technology for Asset and Facility Management

Capture all the data you need for operating smart factories and simulating future scenarios such as upgrades and expansions.

Historic Preservation

Capture, manage and analyze as-built data of historical sites, buildings and excavations for the purposes of reconstruction, restoration or conservation.

Public Safety Analytics Applications

Crash Reconstruction

Use crash reconstruction software and accident reconstruction software to investigate the science behind collisions

Crime Scene Investigation

Scanning the crime scene with a 3D scanner and then using crime scene software is essential to recording evidence quickly and safely

Arson Investigation

Analyze and interpret forensic evidence from suspicious fires while reducing exposure to toxins.

Courtroom Presentations

Create vivid 2D and 3D presentations that make a powerful impact in court and help juries understand the facts of a case.

Safety Planning

Get ahead of your pre-incident planning needs with fast, accurate, detailed documentation of a building or site.

Failure Investigation

Identify on-scene elements that might have contributed to a crash, collision or explosion.

FARO. The Smarter Decision.

Our industry-leading solutions for 3D measurement, imaging and digital realization help you measure your world and use that real-time data to make smarter decisions faster.
I have been using FARO devices for most of my career. I have never had a bad experience with their product or their customer service. Their knowledgeable tech support has never let me down. Every place I have ever worked, I tried to get FARO integrated into their process on the production and inspection level. Awesome product and awesome company.
Anthony Roberts
Heizer Aerospace Industries
The best product and support in the industry. I have never felt more comfortable with the equipment or data I gather.
Stephen Dohse
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Laser scanners aren’t just for large engineering firms with big budgets, but also for small companies who want to provide their clients with state-of-the-art services and technology that in many cases exceed those of larger competitors.
James Loumiet
A worker checks alignment in a factory
case study

PCM Innovation Achieves Agile Manufacturing

The manufacturer of assembly lines for high-precision parts becomes agile with FARO solutions.
As-built data from CitiTower construction project captured with 3D laser scanners for quality control
Case study

PCL Construction Stays on Track

The company uses as-built data collected with a FARO laser scanning solution to make informed AEC decisions.
A forensic tech expert in safety gear studying a stain on a wall for 3D scanning
Case Study

OEC Forensics Reduces Overtime by 25%

The forensic services company uses a FARO solution to preserve evidence fast for the courtroom.

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