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Impressive visuals with 2D/3D diagrams, analysis, animations and videos

When an incident occurs, investigators and forensic experts must establish the facts and thoroughly document the case. This process is critical for crash reconstruction, crime and fire investigation, and for creating courtroom presentations. FARO Zone 3D Pro and Zone 3D Expert makes it easy to perform accurate analysis of an event and produce detailed visuals, such as precise 2D and 3D diagrams, compelling animations, and courtroom –ready reports.

Significant to the newest version of this investigation software is the ability of Zone 3D Pro to import point cloud data; and for Zone 3D Expert, FotoPoints — FARO’s new photogrammetry engine — the capability for you to import photographs from any source and convert it to a point cloud, thus eliminating the need for third-party software.

Zone 3D Pro and Zone 3D Expert Software are the most data-agnostic versions of Zone yet — making the most comprehensive scene documentation software on the market even better.

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Business Value of FARO Zone 3D Software

Create Compelling Presentations

3D Walk-throughs and fly-throughs help jurors, investigators and other viewers gain a spatial understanding of the scene that is much more compelling than a 2D diagram.

Generate Accurate Diagrams

Create 2D and 3D diagrams that precisely represent all details of a crash, crime, or fire scene, with pre-drawn models, evidence placards, dimensions, posed bodies, and links to photographs and reports. Photorealistic scenes display multiple light sources, high-resolution material textures, fog, rain and snow.

Animate Crashes in Seconds

Use point-based accuracy to match crash animations exactly to measurements captured at the scene. Include advanced effects like spinning and locked wheels, car doors that open, trailer articulation, explosions, smoke and fire.

Fully Analyze Scenes in Zone 3D Expert

Analyze the scene with confidence using the independently validated tools for bullet trajectory and blood spatter pattern analysis. Crash analysis tools within Zone 3D Expert apply accepted formulas to perform crush analysis, calculate speed from skid marks, critical speed yaw, momentum and more.

FARO Zone 3D Performance

The Leading 3D Investigation Software Platform

FARO Zone 3D Pro is a revolutionary software application for public safety professionals and the first of its kind to enable investigators to move fluidly between 2D and 3D environments, enhancing the quality of incident reconstruction analysis. For forensic investigators, Zone 3D Pro provides the ability to use point cloud data for creation of courtroom deliverables. Import manual measurements, aerial photographs, laser scans or total station data to quickly create 2D and 3D scene diagrams.

One Software Does It All

FARO Zone 3D Expert includes all the features of Zone 3D Pro — like the ability to use point clouds from laser scanners and drones — plus the capability to convert photographs to a point cloud, determine witness perspectives, create extremely realistic animations, and share the results in a virtual reality environment. Being prepared for court was never as easy with the most data agnostic version of this software yet.

FARO Zone 3D Features


Features of FARO Zone 3D Pro and FARO Zone 3D Expert

Point Cloud Capability

Zone 3D Pro and Zone 3D Expert can import point cloud data from laser scanners in .pts and .E57 formats, directly from FARO SCENE projects, and from drones in .las file format.

Pre-drawn 3D Models

Access a huge library of pre-drawn 2D symbols and 3D models for crash, crime and fire scenes. Add a comprehensive 2D floorplan or an architectural diagram. Show doors, stairs, elevators, control panels, hazardous materials and more with the pre-drawn symbols (such as accepted fire symbols like NFPA 170 and 704 placards) that are included.

Precise, Fast Drawings

Extensive drawing tools, paired with object grips and automatic snaps, make it easy to create accurate 2D and 3D diagrams to exact measurements.

Flexible Starting Point

Take measurements from almost any source and import manual measurement data from total stations and point cloud data from laser scanners and drones. Use an aerial map or drone data from EagleView, Google, or Bing to create easy-to-read pre-incident and threat assessment diagrams.

Compelling 3D Results

Create realistic fly-throughs, vehicle and human animations with shadows, rain, snow, fog, animated vehicle headlights, brake lights and traffic lights.

Intuitive User Interface

Features an intuitive user interface with constant feedback, helpful how-to videos, comprehensive documentation, integrated workflow guides and free instructor-led, online training.

Data-Agnostic Compatibility

Open diagrams from CAD Zone, ARAS, and other standard CAD formats. Bring in measurements from manual methods, drone photos, satellite maps, data from total stations, and data from laser scanners, even if they’re made by different manufacturers.

Features Exclusive to FARO Zone 3D Expert

One Software Does It All

FotoPoints is the Zone 3D Expert photogrammetry engine, allowing you to import photographs from any source and convert it to a point cloud, thus eliminating the need for third-party software.

Fully Analyze Scenes

Analyze the scene with confidence using the independently validated tools for bullet trajectory and blood spatter pattern analysis. Crash analysis tools apply accepted formulas to perform crush analysis, calculate speed from skid marks, critical speed yaw, momentum and more.

Advanced Diagramming Tools

Take all your measurements from the point cloud captured at the scene. Snap to specific data points to create accurate diagrams, export chosen points with “virtual surveyor” mode, and use point clouds to create stunning animations and VR scenes.

Easy Workflow

Merge and align point clouds, or use point cloud models, to place vehicles that were removed back into the scene of the crash.

FARO Zone 3D Applications


Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning 

Create fast, accurate 2D and 3D drawings for public and private investigators to help with law enforcement, fire cause investigation and insurance claims. These images help with state crash reports, crime scene investigations and arson investigation. Plus they give courtroom presentations the “CSI effect” with visually stunning 3D animations and fully immersive 3D environments that leave jurors and judges with the sense of being at the scene of a crime. See all forensic analysis and pre-incident planning applications >


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Trade In Your Old Equipment

We’ll take your old 3D metrology, imaging or realization hardware or software — any brand, any condition — and apply its value toward your purchase of the latest FARO solution. The FARO Xchange program makes your upgrade easy.

Product Details and Resources

Technical documentation

FARO Zone 3D Knowledge Base

Find all the technical documentation you need, from user manuals to specs.

Utilizing 3D Technology in the Courtroom

Learn how to use laser scanners and other 3D technology in trials.

FARO Zone Software

Explore everything the FARO Zone Software solutions offer.

Combining Laser Scans with Drone Footage for Investigations

Use laser scanners and drones to capture a scene and merge the data to create a complete 3D view of the scene.

Animations in FARO Zone 3D

Learn how to quickly and easily create an animation in 3D using FARO Zone 3D, including freestyle and position-based animation.

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FARO Zone 2D Software

Creates accurate diagrams for forensic reports and construction projects.
The attorneys and criminal investigators love the 3D diagramming for court presentations.
James M. Sparks
Louisville Metro Technology
When we purchased from FARO I was really pleased with the tech support. We would call and immediately be on the phone with someone.
Chad Mills
Department of Juvenile Justice, Frankfort, Kentucky
We’ve seen a reduction in the time spent diagramming scenes and an improvement in the quality of the mapping.
Steven Clark
City of Portage, MI

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