FARO® Zone 2D Software

Create accurate diagrams for forensic investigation and pre-incident planning.

Documenting and sharing information in a concise and accurate manner is essential in the world of public safety. FARO Zone 2D is the leading public safety diagramming software that eliminates the time and monotony of creating hand-drawn scene and site diagrams. This reliable and affordable crash, crime and fire investigation technology allows law enforcement officers to create 2D crash report diagrams in as little as five minutes. Crime scene investigators can quickly diagram scenes with the utmost accuracy. It is also ideal for firefighters who create pre-incident plan diagrams. The FARO Zone 2D Enterprise Version is affordable, convenient, and easy to deploy for large agencies that need crash report or pre-incident plan diagrams.

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Value of FARO Zone 2D

Create Fast, Accurate Diagrams

Ribbon menus, keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus put commands and options at your fingertips. Automatically snap objects together and place dimensions for clean, precise diagrams.

Diagram Any Scene With Ease

Wizards make it easy to draw roads, walls, stairs, doors and windows, all to exact dimensions. Pick from the thousands of pre-drawn symbols and line-types to show vehicles, furniture, weapons, fences, fire hydrants, utility shut-offs and other details of the scene.

Share and Present

Share intersection templates within an agency to dramatically reduce drawing time of crash scenes. Incorporate diagrams into reports as PDF files or use the Zone 2go presentation tool to document a scene with photographs and notes.

Easily Learn and Use

On-screen tooltips and instructions guide you through how to use each feature. The FARO Assist! learning center offers short training videos to help you get started fast, while longer training courses are available on FARO Academy.

Flexible and Compatible

Use maps from Google or Bing, and import and export multiple image and CAD file formats. Print finished diagrams at any scale and on any size paper supported by your printer.

Choose Your Language

FARO Zone 2D is available in English, German, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

FARO Zone 2D Performance


The Leading 2D Public Safety Diagramming Software

With FARO Zone 2D, it’s fast and easy to create detailed, accurate diagrams. Start with a to-scale satellite map, bring in a top-down view of a point cloud from your laser scanner, and then import total station data or enter hand measurements in baseline or triangulation format. You can even merge data from all of these sources and import drawings from other CAD applications. FARO Zone 2D exceeds expectations as a powerful diagramming and pre-planning software tool.


FARO Zone 2D Features

Satellite Image A.I. Vehicle Detection and Clean-Out

Use A.I. functionality to assist in cleaning out vehicles in any Google, Bing, or aerial photo. Remove unwanted vehicles in the Google or Bing satellite image with just a few clicks and create a clean, blank slate of the intersection from an imported satellite image.

Match and Clone

Match or replicate the properties of a selected object to another object in the drawing. Quickly and easily duplicate properties and objects in your scene. Create your own legends using your ideal settings for text, dimensions, line types and save time by matching instead of setting properties.

Favorites Workflow Toolbar System

Create and refine custom workflow toolbars (Symbols, Models, and Tools) to increase productivity and retain proficiency. Select symbols, models, and commands as favorites which you can quickly access, reuse and share. Saved workflows are especially useful after long periods between use.

AXON Upload/Download

Upload and download Zone projects to AXON's secure cloud storage for easy access and sharing of projects.

Import Latest DXF/DWG files into Zone

Import the latest version of ACAD dxf/dwg files into Zone. Zone can work with most data sets. DWG/DXF files are common outputs from other programs and data tools.

Flexible Starting Point

Create a rough sketch or an exact representation of a scene based on manual measurements, data from a total station, satellite maps or an orthgraphic projection from a FARO laser scanner.

Essential Drawing and Editing Tools

Diagram anything in the scene to exact measurements with easy drawing tools. Change object properties and use drag and drop editing to change the size, rotation and location of objects.

Aerial Map Import

Diagram streets scenes and buildings by importing aerial maps from Google Maps® or Bing®. Since the map is a 1:1 scale, use it to take accurate measurements, trace buildings and streets with ease.

Automatic Snaps

Place accurate dimensions, connect objects, eliminate loose ends and create perfect corners between lines and walls.

Pre-drawn Symbols

Incorporate thousands of pre-drawn symbols for crash scenes, crime scenes, fire scenes, pre-incident plans and event plans. Find the perfect symbol with the search tool and easily change the size, rotation and color of symbols.

Power Tools

Accelerate numerous drawing tasks, including drawing streets, intersections, stairs and walls with doors and windows.

Add Photographs and Hyperlinks

Apply and change measurement units to dimensions automatically and throughout the drawing with a single click.

Special Line Types

Turn any line, curve or arc into a custom line type with more than 40 fences, guardrails, railroad tracks, centerlines, skid marks and more.

Object Grips

Easily change an object’s size and/or rotation by dragging special grips.

Use Symbol Search Function

Find symbols and change any symbol’s size, rotation and color with Use Symbol search function.

Exceptional Precision

The heart of FARO Zone 2D is a double-precision, floating point, CAD engine, so all your measurements are stored with extreme accuracy — 16 places to the right of the decimal point.

FARO Zone 2D Applications



Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning 

Generate 2D diagrams for law enforcement, fire cause investigation and insurance. The images help with state crash reports, crime scene investigations, courtroom presentations and arson investigation. Visuals allow investigators to construct both pre- and post-incident views for reports, planning, training and instruction. See all forensic analysis and pre-incident planning applications >


Reconstructing the Scene: Software Solutions Transform Courtroom 3D Presentation

Learn how FARO Zone 2D and 3D are becoming essential tools in courtroom presentation for helping tell a powerful story.

Product Details and Resources


FARO Zone 2D Knowledge Base

Find all the technical documentation you need, from user manuals to specs.

Combining Laser Scans with Drone Footage for Investigations

Use laser scanners and drones to capture a scene and merge the data to create a complete 2D diagram.

Introducing FARO Zone 2D

Create 2D diagrams of crash, crime and fire scenes, as well as pre-incident plan diagrams, using many types of data.

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Getting the juries to better understand what has happened is key for our business and a credit to FARO’s excellent work.
Steve Elkins
Crash Scene Consultants
The software allows us to keep electronic copies of files for easy recall.
Dave Pelton
Allendale Fire Department, East Lansing, MI
The product support has been the greatest benefit.
Shawn Flynn
Halifax Regional Municipality

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