Digital Twin Technology for Asset and Facility Management

Capture real-time data for operating smart factories and simulating future scenarios.
The facilities of the future will think for themselves, with technologies that continually monitor and adjust production to optimize quality and efficiency to dramatically reduce production time. Engineers can test these adjustments in a digital twin of the facility, developed with FARO technologies.

Manufacturing Excellence with Digital Twin Software

In order to stay competitive and meet growing consumer demand, tomorrow’s smart factories will feature machines that respond to real-time changes in production requirements. A key component of a smart factory is its digital twin — a comprehensive 3D digital replica of the facility. A digital twin comprises the as-built facility data captured with FARO 3D laser scanning solutions, as well as the precise measurement data collected on the production floor with FARO 3D metrology devices.


Putting Digital Twins to Work

Facility and operations managers can use mixed or virtual reality (VR) glasses to interact with a digital twin, which shows exactly what’s happening on the factory floor at any given time — and which production adjustments are possible. With a digital twin, they can immediately pinpoint quality and safety problems; monitor machine capacity, material in stock and workflow; make changes as needed; and program factory-floor machines to know when to make the changes themselves. As the adoption of Industry 4.0 continues to advance, the digital twin will prove invaluable as a tool for testing and simulating new parameters and design variants with exceptional precision so they can be applied to the real world.


FARO® Orbis Mobile Laser Scanner

FARO Orbis is the all-in-one mobile laser scanner with integrated static scanning capabilities, powered by FARO FLASH technology.

Focus Laser Scanners

For fast, complete and accurate measurements of complex objects.

SCENE Software

For processing and managing scan data with real-time on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning.

BuildIT Metrology Software

For confident management of all dimensional validation processes throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

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