Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning

Digitizing crime scenes and structures with 3D reality capture solutions
Quickly capture every detail of a crime scene for thorough investigation, reconstruction and legal prosecution. Also, understand the structural and positional details of a building for safety-planning purposes.

Accurately Visualize Any Scene or Building with FARO

Maybe you’re under pressure to capture complete, accurate views of the crime scenes you investigate or reconstruct. Or maybe you need to digitize the details of a building in order to develop a safety plan for emergencies. Either way, you probably know that 3D reality capture technology will do the job well, but you don’t have time to learn how to use complicated equipment. And you have to know the investment will be worth it. At FARO, we understand these concerns. Our forensic analysis software and solutions for pre-incident plan development make it easy to gather the data you need, visualize it for thorough analysis and even present it with the “CSI effect” that today’s juries expect.

Speed of Scanning

Time is critical when capturing data at the scene of a crime or crash, and FARO solutions scan it all fast so you can reopen the space quickly.

Accuracy of Data

When you choose FARO, you know you’re choosing a solution that delivers survey-grade data accuracy.

Reliable Post-sale Support

Rest assured that FARO provides immediate support to minimize downtime, as well as ongoing training for your expanding team.

Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning Solutions

FARO 3D reality capture technologies help investigators, reconstructionists, prosecutors and facility managers serve the justice system and promote safety.
CSI scene

Crime Scene Investigation

Recover and record evidence faster and safer than ever.

Safety Planning

Get ahead of your pre-incident planning needs with 2D or 3D laser scanning.
Court Presentation

Courtroom Presentations

Create vivid 2D and 3D presentations that make a powerful impact in court.

Arson Investigation

Analyze and interpret forensic evidence from a suspicious fire.

Failure Investigation

Identify the cause of a crash, collision or explosion.
The scanner eliminates uncertainty because it captures everything in the scene. This resolves any counterclaim of missed evidence.
Captain Brent Worth
Morgan County Sheriff’s Office
The capabilities of the scanner have allowed for a more flexible approach to utilizing resources on a variety of calls. The ability to work a scene with fewer resources and at a more efficient rate, has opened up the possibilities for more frequent use of the team.
Sgt. Clayton Smith
Lake Oswego Police Department

Case Studies Featuring FARO Forensic and Pre-planning Solutions

Police in Arvada, CO, Investigate Crimes with FARO

The department uses a laser scanner to quickly identify the causes of fires and how crimes take place.

Transforming Court Presentations

The forensic services company uses a FARO solution to find out who is at fault months after a collision.

Law Enforcement Saves Time with Better Results

An agency replaces manual crime and crash methods and sees better, more thorough results.

Hayes + Associates Reconstructs Near-collision

The investigator uses a FARO solution to answer questions critical to the case.

Speak with a Forensics or Safety Planning Expert

For 40 years, FARO has partnered with public safety professionals and facility managers to improve the way they work. We want to do the same for you.

Forensics and Safety Insights

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