Case Studies

The following testimonials show how companies have successfully implemented FARO’s solutions into their business. Learn about the challenges they faced, the solutions they chose, as well as the return on investment and efficiencies they achieved.

  • Edge 3D Technologies Scans its Way to Success with FARO

    Construction: Edge 3D Technologies
    “People who have had to struggle with creating 3D models without 3D TLS know the amount of hard work, time, and training that’s needed to complete the seemingly straightforward task,” said Mr. D. Hemanth, Technical Head at Edge 3D Technologies.
  • Providing an Accurate Basis for the Comfort and Safety of Car Seats

    Automotive: Chongqing Yanfeng Johnson Controls Automotive Components Co., Ltd.
    Since investing in its first FaroArm in 2003, YFJC has gone on to purchase more units of FaroArm for its other facilities. Today, the company has in total seven sets of FaroArm across the country. Mr. Liu Junliang, Laboratory Director from the Quality Department at YFJC shared, “We have two sets of equipment here in our Chongqing headquarters, and a set each for our factories in Daqing, Nanchang, Harbin, Chengdu, and Dongguan.”
  • Safe Driving Starts at the Source

    Mold Making: Tianjin Nano Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
    With the FARO Edge, Nano can now simply install the portable CMM next to the components for measurements. This makes the task of acquiring measurement much easier, and significantly improves work productivity.
  • Non-destructive Testing of Metro Tunnels with 3D Laser Scanning

    Surveying: Shanghai Geotechnical Investigations & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
    Furthermore, using the point cloud data and imaging results acquired by the Focus3D X 330, SGIDI was able to build digital representations of any tunnel, to reflect its actual size and texture. This allows metro operators to analyze the current state of their tunnels, and also serves as a powerful tool for ensuring quality control and operational safety.
  • FARO Assists in India's First R&D Project to Modernize Country’s Railway Infrastructure

    Rail: The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    In addition, the range and accuracy levels of the Focus3D also gave the research team confidence that they would reap the type of results they needed. Featuring an extra-long scanning range from 0.6 m up to 330 m, the Focus3D has a distance accuracy of up to 2 mm, which was exceptionally useful for the team’s application, given that they needed to capture minute details for the railway research.
  • Exploring Endless Possibilities with Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality: Beijing Computing Center
    “Currently, we put our FARO Laser Scanner to good use rather frequently,” said Mr. Xiang Lei, an engineer from the Virtual Reality Division at BCC. He explained, “So far, we have used it to scan the Great Wall and the large dinosaur at the Natural History Museum. Other more typical applications include the development of a tour navigation guide for Dajue Temple Scenic Area, and the simulation of water hammer effect in thermal stations.”
  • FARO Laser Tracker Provides High Measurement Accuracy Essential for Assembling Astronomical Telescopes

    Machine Tools: Nishimura Co., Ltd
    90 years has passed since Nishimura manufactured its first domestic telescope in Japan, back in 1926. At the request of various local and international research institutions, the company installs telescopes and observation equipment in locations across the world. It is not unusual for Nishimura’s telescopes to be installed in places such as deserts and highlands, due to the clear air and low humidity conditions that these areas provide.
  • FARO Enables a Five-fold Increase in Measurement Efficiency for Calsonic Kansei Korea

    Automotive: Calsonic Kansei Korea Co., Ltd
    “I remember my first encounter with the FaroArm, where we used it to survey contour lines and the cross-section of our pipes and pressed parts,” recalled the Deputy Head of the Quality Assurance team. “It worked very well!”

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