Leadership and Governance

Get to know the FARO leadership team and review our board committee charters, codes of ethics and policies. 

Our Leadership Team


Yuval Wasserman

Yuval has served on FARO's Board of Directors since 2017. He was elected Chairman in June 2022 and Executive Chairman in May 2023. Previously, he served as president, CEO and board member at Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.,
President & Chief Executive Officer

Peter Lau

Peter joined FARO in 2023. He previously served in several senior executive roles for hardware- and software-based businesses: President of Hubbell Electrical Solutions...
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Horwath

Since joining the FARO in May 2017, Matt has held the positions of Vice President of Finance, Director of Finance & Accounting and Senior Manager of Technical Accounting & SEC reporting.
Vice President, Chief Transformation Officer

Arianne Boyer

Arianne joined FARO in 2021 and is responsible for creating an organization that drives customer outcomes and inspires a customer success mindset throughout the organization. Prior to joining FARO, Arianne worked..
Senior Vice President, Building Insights

Shelley Gretlein

Shelley joined FARO in 2024 and serves as the Senior Vice President, Building Insights. She brings with her more than 20 years of strategic product experience and a reputation for leadership in software growth and business transformation
Chief Digital Officer

Roger Isern

Roger joined FARO in 2024 as Chief Digital Officer. With a career of more than 25 years in the IT space, Roger brings a wealth of experience in driving digital transformation, including IT strategy and planning and cloud migration.
Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Malvika Jhangiani

Malvika Jhangiani joined FARO in 2024, bringing a wealth of experience in leading HR strategy. Previously, she served as the Vice President of Human Resources Newell Brands. Her background includes..
Vice President, Product Marketing

Gregory Lepere

Gregory joined FARO in 2021 as Senior Director of Product Marketing – Hardware, and was promoted to his current role in 2022. He brings with him over 22 years of experience in Engineering and Product Marketing positions.
Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Thomas McGimpsey, J.D.

Tom joined FARO in 2023 with 30+ years of international legal, corporate development, M&A integration, finance and compliance experience in the semiconductor, industrial hardware, data storage, telecom and software technology markets.
Chief Operating Officer

Jason Pollock

Jason joined FARO in 2020 with 20+ years of experience in hardware technology businesses spanning operations and engineering roles. Prior to FARO, he served in various leadership positions at Foxconn
Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Jeff Sexton

Jeff joined FARO in 2020 to lead the sales team in the Americas region before being recently promoted to his new global role. Prior to FARO, Jeff had an impressive 30-year career in senior capacities
Senior Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technology Officer

Oliver Zweigle, Ph.D.

Oliver joined FARO in 2014 and has had increasing senior roles across R&D Innovation. Prior to FARO, he was CEO of Trubotics, a mobile robotics startup that was partially acquired by FARO.

Board of Directors

Yuval Wasserman

Jawad Ahsan

Lynn Brubaker

Moonhie Chin

Alex Davern

John Donofrio

Peter Lau

Rajani Ramanathan

Jeroen van Rotterdam

Committee Memberships

  • Financial Audit Committee

    • Alex Davern, Chair
    • Lynn Brubaker
    • Jawad Ahsan
  • Talent, Development & Compensation Committee

    • John Donofrio, Chair
    • Moonhie Chin
    • Rajani Ramanathan
    • Jeroen van Rotterdam
  • Nominating, Governance & Sustainability Committee

    • Lynn Brubaker, Chair
    • John Donofrio
    • Jeroen van Rotterdam

Board Committee Charters

Corporate Governance

Policies and Standards

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