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FARO is so much more than market-leading products. We’re here to help our customers lead their markets, too. 

A Partner Dedicated to Customer Success

We believe the customers we serve are drawn to their fields for the same reasons we are. They want to better understand how the world works and bring new ideas to life. They feel the need for — and understand the power of — data-driven accuracy.

As the global leader in 3D measurement, imaging and realization solutions, bridging the digital and physical worlds is what we do best. We help manufacturers eliminate costly errors, builders construct astonishing projects and law enforcement establish better cases. We give engineers, designers and investigators the tools to get to “that’s it!” faster. We understand the ways our customers do their jobs. And more than anything, they know they can always depend on us.


Discover the core values reflected in our mission, vision and brand.


Find out how two friends and self-proclaimed “techno-junkies” working on their PhDs came together in 1981 to create the company that became FARO. 


Check out the detailed timeline of the most notable moments in our accomplished 40-year history. 


Find the patents for our key proprietary technologies in one convenient place.

FARO. The Smarter Decision.

Our industry-leading solutions for 3D measurement, imaging and digital realization help you measure your world and use that real-time data to make smarter decisions faster.

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