FARO ScanArm

The ideal contact/non-contact portable measurement system.


Features of the FARO® ScanArm

The FARO ScanArm adds unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities to your FaroArm.

The ScanArm is a seven-axis contact/non-contact measurement system with a fully integrated laser scanner. It enables users to collect simple point variations with the FaroArm’s hard probe, then laser scan sections requiring larger volumes of data.

Get maximum data handling, accuracy, and efficiency in one combined package.

FARO QUANTUM<sup>S</sup> SCANARM<sup>®</sup> HD


Blue Laser
The FAROBluTM Laser Line Probe HD leverages an optically-superior blue laser technology. The blue laser has a shorter wavelength, which delivers improved scanning results with higher resolution thanks to its greater ability to discover smaller detail in an object. The blue laser also provides a 50% reduction in speckle noise compared to red laser.

Advanced Sensor
The FAROBlu (TM) camera uses the most advanced CMOS technology to deliver fast frame rate (the number of times per second that the camera gathers new data on the part being scanned) of up to 300 frames per second (fps).

Custom Optics
The FAROBlu (TM) boasts superior, large-diameter, custom optics that collect more light and more data to deliver better accuracy and sharper and brighter images. Utilizing a greater sweet spot, it supports a wider laser line width that scans a larger area, providing faster, more productive scanning.

Laser Line Width
The FAROBlu (TM) features laser line width of 150mm. The extensive line width scans a larger area, delivering fast and efficient scanning. Additionally, the Laser Line Probe HD features a solid, blue laser beam generated without the use of moving components which can be sensitive to vibration, potentially inducing errors in accuracy and impacting productivity by forcing repeat scans.


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