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Ansco Machine Cuts Inspection Time by 80% Using a FARO Gage

Ansco Machine Cuts Inspection Time by 80% Using a FARO Gage

Like many successful shops across the country, Ansco Machine Company is also very progressive. From their facility in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Ansco’s serves the world’s leading hydraulics, automation, and engineering companies. These companies choose Ansco ( because they know their order will ship on-time and the parts they receive will exceed their specifications.

Drawing on 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, Ansco always turns a critical eye to the design and functionality of the parts they produce. They actively look for cost savings and efficiencies in both their processes and in their finished products.

Ansco is a full-service contract shop that specializes in milling and turning up to 78” (2m) in diameter. Though they are a smaller shop, they seek out challenging and high-profile work. Ansco believes in providing capabilities and a quality of service you might expect only from a larger shop.


One of the many challenging projects that Ansco took on was the machining of a cast iron housing that weighs about 750 pounds. This part was too large and cumbersome to be inspected by Ansco’s traditional bridge-type CMM.

The cast iron housing had several large bored holes and ring grooves that had to be held to within .001” tolerance. There were also several drilled and tapped holes for various bolts and fittings. Although the bores could easily be checked with dial bore gauges, it was difficult to check location and relation between features using conventional methods.

The older technology just could not accommodate the housing and all of its features – especially with the features being on different sides. With an inspection requirement of 100-percent and full documentation on all 80 critical features, it was not practical to do a layout and check using conventional methods. These methods were not sufficient in terms of size, time, or cost.


To take on this very large and challenging job, Ansco had to seek out the best technology to ensure their success. As a company that has a long history of looking for ways to improve their processes and expand their business and capabilities, this was not something unusual for them. It was just another challenge that they would overcome.

After seeing an on-site demonstration of the FARO Gage with Trevor Murcko, their local Account Manager, Ansco could easily see that the Gage was the only tool that could do everything they needed and meet all of their needs.

The FARO Gage is a portable CMM that was designed to enable machinists to speed through measurement challenges and produce the most accurate results possible. It allows measurements to be taken right on the shop floor, without the need of stopping production. The Gage provides excellent accuracy and because it offers portability and quick set up, it reduces inspection time. And since the Gage can automatically record measurements, inspection reports are easily generated.

“The FARO Gage is the perfect solution for this project,” said Wes Suladie, Ansco’s Quality Assurance Manager. “It is not only the right size to get at all of the features we have to measure, but its accuracy gives me the confidence that what is being reported is true.”

Return on Investment

To do a conventional layout and checkout would take over an hour and half using conventional technology. With the FARO Gage Ansco can set the part up on the table, check out all of the required features, and return it to the skid in under twenty minutes. That is almost an 80-percent reduction off the standard work time and that equates to a real cost in time and productivity. Without this capability, Ansco would not be able to meet the delivery requirements for this project.

“This project is now in its third year of production and we are still going strong,” said Suladie. “We can honestly say that of all of the suppliers of machined components for the end product, Ansco was the only supplier that did not have one field reject. That’s because we were able to find the errors and correct them before they ever got to the customer and the FARO Gage was a big part of that success.”

The FARO Gage helps Ansco live up to their company motto of, “We make the part that solves the problem.” Their ability to look past older methods to improve their processes is another example of how progressive and advance-minded manufacturers like Ansco move to get the best technology that supports their work and their success.


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