FARO 3D-Ultralight Scan Head

Lightweight and CG Optimized Marker with 3D Capability

FARO 3D-Ultralight Scan Head

FARO®’s 3D-Ultralight Scan Head is a 3-axis solution that delivers better field-size/spot-size ratios than those provided by standard f-theta scanning lenses. Offering different field and spot size combinations, the 3D-Ultralight’s dynamic lens translator continuously adjusts the focus distance to produce a flat or contoured field. Spot sizes as small as 260 µm or scan fields as large as 400m x 400m are achievable.

Featuring significant mass reduction and center of gravity optimization, the 3D-Ultralight scan head is designed with air-cooled optics for high power and robotic arm applications. The ability to vary the field and spot size offers application flexibility, ideal for industrial processing. Working with multiple poses, the system can act on materials from virtually any angle and working distance with large 3D volume.

No other scan head packs as much capability into a small box.


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