Learning Development 

FARO is investing in the personnel development of our employees. The Competencies of our employees are essential for FARO’s successful performance. FARO is providing our employees learning programs and is working on the continual development of our organization and competencies. Through this we ensure high quality, enable effective business practices and at least facilitate personnel development and careers.

To facilitate learning FARO defines core business processes and programs such as our Performance Management Process, New Hire Introduction or Leadership Development Program. 

training and education at FARO

Performance Management

is a set of procedures to develop and improve individual and organizational performance – as FARO employees’ individual performance is a major contributor to FARO’s business results. Additionally, how our employees achieve them is important. Therefore, both are discussed and driven by practice, feedback and coaching as well as development planning. 

Leadership Development

is aligned to the “FARO Development Framework” which is separated in three divisions which are contributing to our business results: Business, Organization, People. For each division informative Meetings, Training and Seminars are provided. Besides a standard program which each leader at FARO receives, there are Seminars, Training and Coaching which are provided according to requirements of the Leadership position and the precognition of the Leader. 

New Hire Program

an Introduction week at our Headquarter in Germany is provided to all new Hires to get to know our business, processes and colleagues within and beyond the own department. An elaborated Introduction Program is the guarantee for a smooth integration at FARO. 


Software training, Sales and Negotiation, Personal Growth, and Diversity training are a few of the ongoing, onsite courses available to FARO employees. 


FARO supports part time studies as the education and interest in learning is important to increase the effectiveness of our business practices.

Departments in UK - Sales

Our successful sales team in the UK consists of eight Account Managers and three Inside Sales Specialists. Each of the Account Managers is in charge of one of our extremely precise measuring systems, taking it to customers in the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries – and in fact all producing sectors – and demonstrating it based on their applications.