FARO® Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner

Fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture with real-time display
When analyzing the scene of a crime or crash or documenting a construction site, details make all the difference — and you have to gather them quickly, efficiently and accurately. That’s why specialty contractors, engineers, surveyors, architects, investigators, analysts, reconstructionists and prosecutors rely on the FARO Freestyle 2 Handheld Scanner for fast, photorealistic 3D reality capture. With its ultra-responsive, real-time display, on-site review has never been easier or more intuitive. Lightweight and highly flexible, this handheld laser scanner lets you scan nearly any scene, in nearly any level of lighting.

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Business Value of the Freestyle 2

Use Anywhere

With its light weight, cable-free design and six degrees of freedom, you can operate the Freestyle 2 with one hand anywhere, at any angle — even upside down.

Scan from Nearly Any Distance

With a best-in-class range of .4m to 5m (1.3'- 16'), the Freestyle 2 captures small and large areas.

Quickly Capture Photorealistic Detail 

It takes just a few minutes to capture amazing detail and quality.

Freestyle 2 Performance


The Fastest Portable 3D Scanner Available

The Freestyle 2 is designed for one-hand operation, meaning you can scan even the most hard-to-reach areas, either inside or outside. As the fastest 3D portable handheld laser scanner, the Freestyle 2 scans with great efficiency and versatility. Unmatched photorealism means you get high-quality, color, 3D data with exceptional accuracy. 


Freestyle 2 Features

Documentation of Critical Details in 3D

Rely on the sensor for great flexibility while acquiring, even in small slots or hidden/inaccessible areas.

Real-time Visualization

Use the Freestyle 2 app to see what you capture as you scan, so you can leave the site with the highest possible level of confidence.

Interoperability of Data

Use the sensor as a companion to a FARO Focus Laser Scanner, filling in when the Focus scanner would require too many positions.

Excellent Portability

Move anywhere with completely untethered workflows, as there’s no bulky tablet or long cables.

Proprietary Tracking Engine

Capture 3D point cloud information while walking and making natural movements, with best-in-class tracking performance.

Lighting Condition Flexibility

Work in any lighting condition, even complete darkness.

Ability to Export Compatible Point Clouds

Use the system itself to export processed point clouds without the need for additional software.

On-site Compensation

Use on-scene white-balancing and post-processing capabilities to adjust scan quality.

Guided Scanning

Get haptic feedback that alerts you when adjustments need to be made.

Integrated Training

Learn how to operate the tool as you use it.

Wide Range

Scan and track from a wide range of distances (up to 10m).

No Annual Calibration Required

Use this self-contained solution with confidence.

Forensic Analysis and Pre-incident Planning Applications


Quick, Easy Scene Documentation

Investigators and reconstructionists use the Freestyle 2 for quick, easy and complete scene documentation for crash reconstruction, crime scene investigation and more. The handheld laser scanner 3D data serves as a reliable resource for all kinds of public safety analytics. See all forensic analysis and pre-incident planning applications >


Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Applications


Fast As-Built Capture and Modeling

Capture 3D documentation of complex areas for surveying, or of dense technical rooms for MEP design or retrofit purposes. Plus, artisans can capture small ambients for custom furniture design, staircase design and other custom components. See all as-built capture and modeling applications >

Construction Quality Control

Monitor and document localized daily progress to reduce construction waste and rework cost. See all construction quality control applications >

Case Study

Forensic Engineering Experts Reduce Overtime by 25% and Improve Courtroom Deliverables

OEC Forensics uses the Freestyle 2 to achieve complete preservation of evidence for motor vehicle collision analysis and reconstruction.

Trade In Your Old Equipment

We’ll take your old 3D metrology, imaging or realization hardware or software — any brand, any condition — and apply its value toward your purchase of the latest FARO solution. The FARO Xchange program makes your upgrade easy.

Product Details and Resources

Technical Documentation

Freestyle 2 Knowledge Base

Find all the technical documentation you need, from user manuals to specs.

Fast, Photorealistic 3D Reality Capture

Get a quick overview of the features that make the Freestyle 2 such a valuable tool for public safety analytics.

Using Handheld 3D Scanners for Crime & Crash Scenes

Handheld scanners bring a new level of 3D capture to scene investigation and reconstruction.

See the Freestyle 2 in Action

The ability to move in and around objects quickly is a game changer.

Powerful Court-accepted 3D Presentations

The Freestyle 2 makes it easy to present your case in court and share your findings in a powerful, visual way.

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I have been pleased with the products and cooperation of all staff. The pricing has been good and FARO has been very good to work with.
Cody Stolle
Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, UNL

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