FARO® Sphere Cloud Platform for Reality Data

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FARO Sphere is a cloud-based information platform that provides its users a centralized, collaborative experience across the company’s reality capture applications and customer support tools through a secure, single point sign-on process that when paired with the Stream mobile app, enables faster 3D data capture, processing and project management anywhere in the world.

Sphere systematizes every activity while remaining intuitive to navigate, allowing users the ability to better organize their 3D scans and manage that data across diverse teams around the world. With FARO WebShare, an application within Sphere, users can view and explore project-based data with unmatched ease and efficiency.

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Complete projects faster

Simplify operations with secure single point sign-on to provide faster access to reality data and improve time to decision. Provide your business a centralized, focused, efficient and collaborative multi-tiered package-based user experience across FARO service platforms and point cloud applications, all from a common web browser.

Eliminate geographical boundaries

Collaborate with colleagues, project managers, engineers, contractors and other project stakeholders in a seamless, centralized digital hub from anywhere in the world, reducing the cost of travel and overhead.

Ensure accuracy and quality control

Pre-register scans via the FARO Stream app and upload to Sphere speeds time to completion and reduces the need to return on-site should any off-site registration failures occur. This added efficiency will drive new business opportunities as it accelerates the customer life cycle.

Dynamic data management

Sync on-site reality data to a cloud-based data hub to ensure project stakeholders have complete line-of-sight on project completion no matter where they reside or where they log in. Data and models are always aligned, reducing the risk of communication misfires, wasted materials and costly rework leading to enhanced organization and project management.

A single source of information

In addition to direct project management and on-site data upload, Sphere acts as the hub for all service, training and technical documentation needs. Users will always know where to go to get the answers they need and is yet another way to reduce bottlenecks and drive business efficiencies.


Sphere Features


With Sphere, users can:

  • Close existing workflow gaps by enabling remote collaboration and project completion from anywhere in the world
  • Eliminate additional site visits due to registration failure or incomplete scans
  • Inform project stakeholders that a scan is complete and that modeling can begin, speeding job completion times yielding significant savings per project

At its core, Sphere is a cloud-based data management hub. And with FARO WebShare serving as the web viewer, users can explore and share captured 3D data and compare that data with the design as a CAD or BIM output.

Users will also have access to the following FARO customer support tools as part of its application offerings as a way to view and explore projects with stakeholders anywhere they reside: Knowledge Base (which provides technical product information), FARO Support (which provides customer support) and FARO Academy (which provides ongoing training and education).


Package Offerings


A complimentary service with 20GB fixed storage and designed for one user and an unlimited number of project viewers — individuals who can view data but not add or edit. The Sphere Base package is ideal for up to two small projects with basic user needs and is a great introductory offering without financial obligation.


The next step up in project management. Enabling access through a monthly subscription, the service features 1TB of fixed (not expandable) storage and allows five users with an unlimited number of viewers. Sphere Professional is intended for multiple project management with advanced user functionality. It is particularly useful for small companies with one, or a few offices.


Sphere’s high-end product offering, providing 2.5TB of expandable storage of 200GB per user or in 500GB blocks. Ten or more users can work on their projects and an unlimited number can view their progress. Sphere Enterprise is best suited for large companies with multiple offices and multiple, complex projects where users can benefit from expanded feature capabilities, including an unlimited number of users and dedicated single sign-on support.


Stream Mobile App



For FARO Focus Laser Scanner users who wish to upload their scan data into Sphere, the FARO Stream mobile app works in conjunction with the Focus Laser Scanner to enable on-site pre-registration while providing added confidence on the completeness of data capture.

It is common for 3D measurement professionals today to register scan data back on an office computer, off-site. Now, users can perform pre-registration in the field, add annotations and instantly upload on-site data collection to FARO Sphere.


FARO Flatness Check App


FARO Stream App

The FARO Flatness Check app, the first augmented reality solution for Sphere, enables the immediate visualization of floor flatness and floor levelness while ensuring concrete pours are completed on schedule with improved quality of work and eliminated rework and waste.

Flatness Check works in conjunction with the Focus Premium Laser Scanner as well as the Focus M70, S70, S150 and S350 models, allowing users to document and analyze the floor flatness and floor levelness of any concrete slab and share that data in Sphere with additional project stakeholders.

Using an iPad with a FARO Focus scanner, the app assists foremen guiding field crews to identify out of tolerance areas within minutes and to fix those deviations while the concrete is still wet.

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