FARO® Product Overview - 3D and Beyond

FARO has spent more than 30 years bringing excellence into the marketplace. Through our wide array of products, and the innovations that have come with them, the 3D imaging landscape has been changed forever.

FARO’s portfolio of portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) includes measuring arms, laser trackers, 3D laser scanners and 3D imagers. These portable CMMs can be used for both contact and non-contact measurement


No matter what you are up against, be it a need to perform 3D inspections, CAD-to-part analysis, alignments or reverse engineering – FARO’s portable CMMs are the industry standard in Metrology.

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3D Documentation

FARO 3D Documentation products are used for measurement and documentation of spaces and objects.

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FARO Software

Metrology, 3D documentation and surveying software solutions from FARO allow you to complete application-specific measurement jobs quickly and efficiently, allowing you to stay focused on the job at hand.

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3rd Party Software

FARO has always supported an open architecture philosophy allowing third party software developers the ability to use FARO hardware in combination with their measurement and inspection software and point-cloud processing facilities.

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Technology Overview

White Paper: An Introduction to 3D Measurement Technology