FARO’s training equips you with the knowledge necessary to execute measurements with confidence. From product setup, basic measurements, working with alignments and nominals, to advanced procedures and programming – FARO offers basic and advanced level classes at our training centers or directly at your facility.

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When your system includes FARO software, the FaroBDA partners our trainer with your leader to design a training program that meets your needs. This ensures the measurement solution you purchased will be used most effectively.

The FaroBDA includes:

A pre-training interview with the employees’ leader

A customized “Leader’s Kit” describing training outcomes specific to your work environment as well as steps the leader can take to ensure continued skill development on the job

A training program that ensures the employees can apply the FARO solution to your measurement challenges the day they return from training

A follow-up with the leader after training to identify next steps to maximize the employees’ ability to use the FARO measurement solution


The FaroCheck is a planned method of collecting information about your current measurement performance and processes. Performed 60 to 150 days after training, its purpose is to help you maximize your return on investment from your FARO product as quickly as possible. A FaroCheck is performed whether you purchase FARO or 3rd party software.

The FaroCheck:

Provides a detailed evaluation of your measurement processes

Validates your measurement requirements

Ensures your equipment is operating within specifications

Evaluates your measurement techniques and recommends best practices

Provides an assessment of your investment

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