Scan Localizer Upgrade 2.0 

The new Scan Localizer Firmware Software replaces the Scan Localizer SCENE App and enables many new possibilities for the Scan Localizer. It introduces an innovative easy-to-use browser interface that runs on any system or mobile device. The mapping stability is significantly enhanced and all position information is now saved directly to the SD card of the Focus3D. A dolly is not needed anymore meaning the Scan Localizer can be carried around without any limitations.

After the firmware upgrade you will be able to connect to the Scan Localizer using wireless LAN and control it via favorite browser. Simply go to or

The Scan Localizer has a network drive so all 2D projects can now be directly downloaded. Simply access the network drive via \\ or \\

You can now download the FARO 2DFloorPlanner ( to work with the 2D floor plans generated by the Scan Localizer. 


 New in Scan Localizer Software 2.0:


    Runs on every system and mobile device 

    Supported OS:

    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Linux
    • iOS
    • Android

    Supported Browsers:

      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari

No more dolly required.

Significantly enhanced mapping and localization stability

Use well known scan workflow

  • All Scan Localizer positions are saved with the scans on the SD card of the Focus 3D

Map in 2D as-you-go

Annotate data with live photos from your mobile device

Scan Localizer Upgrade 2
Scan Localizer Upgrade