FARO Zone 3D for Public Safety and Forensics Professionals

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FARO Zone 3D is a revolutionary software application for public safety professionals. Through its advanced smart tools, it is the first of its kind to enable investigators to move fluidly between 2D and 3D and use 3D views to enhance the accuracy and quality of your diagrams, analysis, and animations.

Crash, crime, and fire investigators will appreciate that FARO Zone 3D is easy to learn and use to create compelling reports and courtroom presentations. Use exact measurements from the scene to perform analyses for crash reconstructions and crime scene investigations, including bullet trajectory and blood spatter. Being prepared for court was never so easy.

FARO Zone 3D is also ideal for pre-incident and security planning. Locate an aerial map and use the thousands of predrawn symbols to quickly create site plans that show hazardous materials, access points, utility shutoffs, water supply, and other important features. With plans in FARO Zone 3D, you will know what you are getting into before an incident occurs.


Easy to learn and easy to use - Intuitive user interface with a work-flow oriented, ribbon menu bar and large, easy-to-read buttons

Use measurements from many different sources, including aerial maps from Google®, Bing®, or Pictometry®, 3D satellite terrain data, manual measurements, total stations, and orthographic projections of point clouds*

Extensive drawing and editing features, including Power Tools for drawing complex intersections and buildings with doors, windows, and stairs

Crash reconstruction tools included for crush analysis, in-line and 360 momentum, speed from skids, critical speed yaw, slope calculator and profile report for roads or other contours

Crime scene analysis tools including bullet trajectory analysis with complete adjustment to the plane of impact and blood spatter analysis to estimate area of origin from a photograph

Freestyle animations to quickly show vehicle movement along a path and point-based animation that matches vehicle positions to exact data points measured at the scene

Open 2D and 3D diagrams created with other FARO software applications, including CAD Zone and ARAS

*FARO Zone 3D Advanced (available separately) includes the ability to open 3D point clouds captured with drones and laser scanners and use point cloud data for diagrams, analysis, and animations.