System Requirements - SCENECT 5.2

In order to use SCENECTseamlessly, you need:

Asus Xtion Pro Live (with RGB and depth sensor), Microsoft Kinect for Windows or Microsoft Kinect for Xbox with a Microsoft Xbox Power Supply adapter (consisting of a dedicated power plug and USB cord) that splits the connection into separate USB and power connections thus providing power to the sensor and connectivity to your computer. If you have a Kinect with no dedicated power supply adapter, you can order it from sites like Amazon. You do not need an extra power supply for the Asus Xtion.

OpenNI 1.5.4 and the SensorKinect driver version for the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox or the SensorPrimesense driver version for the ASUS Xtion Pro Live installed on your computer system. If these drivers are not already available on your system, don’t worry, they will automatically be installed with SCENECT if enabled during the installation process. For more information, see chapter 1.2 of the user manual.

A PC or Notebook with the following minimal specifications:

Double-core Processor - 64-bit (x64) processor with at least 2-gigahertz (GHz).

Main memory – at least 4 GB of main memory.

Mouse – the mouse should have 2 buttons and a scroll wheel.

Graphics card – the graphics card must support OpenGL 2.0 or higher and should have at least 256MB of memory.

Operating System – 64-bit Windows XP, Vista or 7 operating system

Recommended computer system:

Quad-core x64 processor system

At least 8 GB of main memory.

Dedicated graphics card with at least 512 MB memory and OpenGL 2.0 support.

Solid state hard drive for maximum performance.

64-bit Windows 7.

It is recommended to update the drivers of your graphics card to the latest version.