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FARO® develops and markets portable CMMs (coordinate measuring machines) and 3D imaging devices to solve dimensional metrology problems.

Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes. The devices are used for inspecting components and assemblies, production planning, documenting large volume spaces or structures in 3D, and more. FARO’s 3D measurement technology allows companies to maximize efficiencies and improve processes.

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NEW FARO FocusM 70: Laser Scanner for Short-Range Applications

FARO launches the all-new Laser Scanner FocusM 70. The FocusM 70 is the latest addition to FARO’s popular, compact, lightweight and intuitive laser scanner product line. The device is one of the most forward-thinking laser scanners on the market including features, such as Ingress Protection Rating (IP54) for use in high particulate and wet weather conditions, HDR imaging, acquisition speed of almost 500,000 points per second and extended temperature range. Additionally, users have unrestricted freedom of choice to leverage the software tools most beneficial to their own workflow as data captured by the FARO® FocusM 70 can be used with various software packages including FARO SCENE or 3rd party software such as Autodesk ReCap.

The FocusM 70 sets a new standard in price/performance for construction BIM/CIM and public safety-forensics applications.

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New FARO VantageS and VantageE Laser Trackers: A Breakthrough in Workflow Productivity and Portability

FARO® announces the release of a next generation of Laser Trackers. The new VantageS and VantageE products set a new price/performance standard for addressing challenges in large-scale metrology applications.

With innovative RemoteControls™ workflow, superior accuracy, exceptional portability and ruggedness, these Laser Trackers make large-scale 3D measurement easy. FARO’s RemoteControls workflow enables advanced control of the Laser Tracker using a mobile phone or tablet.  Your mobile device not only controls the movements of the Laser Tracker, it also delivers enhanced functionality such as live video feed from targeting cameras.

The VantageS is intended for short-to-long range measurement applications of up to 80 meters, while the VantageE supports short-to-medium range applications of up to 25 meters.

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