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The following testimonials show how companies have successfully implemented FARO®’s solutions into their business. Learn about the challenges they faced, the solutions they chose, as well as the return on investment and efficiencies they achieved.

Using the FARO Laser Scanner to Create Forensic Animations


In a short amount of time scan all vehicles on scene and scan the entire apartment complex where the incident occurred. This involved an area approximately 61 x 61 meters, or 200 x 200 feet, and included exemplar vehicles.

To capture all the information needed in one day, the FARO Laser Scanner and FARO SCENE software was the chosen method by Dustin Forensics to provide them what they needed for their project.



By utilizing the FARO Laser Scanner and SCENE software on this project the Dustin Forensics team reported they reduced the amount of time it takes to construct a 3D environment by at least two weeks. The added speed and efficiency allowed them to complete the project on time and save their customer money.
Dustin Forensics is the product of its founder’s lifelong interest in computer animation and his experience with 3D software applications. Early in his engineering career, David Dustin found it difficult to communicate technical concepts to executive management. His solution was to animate proposed equipment purchases, providing a 3D view of the potential installation. This approach let non-technical managers visualize complex equipment without needing to understand piles and piles of two-dimensional drawings. For David Dustin, forensic animation was the next step. Photo-realistic animations can be used by a forensic investigator to demonstrate what they believed happened at a scene. Data gathered at the scene of a crime or crash is used by the investigator to create the most accurate animation possible.
And so Dustin Forensics was born. Located sixty miles north of Atlanta in Adairsville, Georgia, the company provides service to all of North America. Their services include: 3D scanning, accident recreation, forensic animation, industrial visualization, and many other similar applications.

Figure 1. 3D enviroment created by a scan of an apartment complex and its
vehicles for use in litigation

Application Summary
One recent application that Dustin Forensics worked on was a project to scan an apartment complex and its vehicles to recreate a 3D environment for use in litigation. Dustin Forensics was given a timeline of about a month and half with an objective of providing a graphical representation of a ballistic expert’s opinion as to how a sequence of events transpired – with a corresponding goal of discrediting the opposition’s position.
Real-time environment showing character positions, motions, and the ballistic path of the shot fired during the incident are the deliverables that the Dustin Forensics team
were hired to provide. 
One of Dustin’s teams biggest challenges of this particular project was that time was very limited. Also, the victim in this case was shot on their right side, but the client maintained the victim was exiting the vehicle and had turned their body. It was Dustin’s initial perception that it would be somewhat difficult to align the shot, but, in reality, it was not.


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