Sharing 3D laser scan data

Communicate and share your laser scanning projects easily with your partners and clients.

Easy viewing of FARO laser scan data

Laser scans are presented in an intuitive, easy to learn panoramic view.

Intuitive Project Overview

All available projects are shown on a world map as well as a photo-album overview.

Simple distance measurements

Distance measurements as simple as picking two or more points from the scan picture.

Annotations provide further detail

With annotations additional information, descriptions or hyperlinks can be added to the laser scan data.

Tight integration with the well-known SCENE workflow

Data for SCENE WebShare Cloud is prepared in the well-known SCENE software and uploaded to the cloud with a few mouse clicks.

Supports mobile devices

View FARO 3D laser scan data on mobile devices like smart phones or tablet computers. The user interface is optimized for touch-operation.

Effortless hosting service by FARO

SCENE WebShare Cloud is a cloud-based service offered by FARO. No knowledge of how to run and maintain internet servers required.

Best data security

All communication is secured via state-of-the-are encrypted data transmission. Projects may be shared publicly or visible only for specific user groups.

3D Viewing

SCENE WebShare Cloud 2.0 is now providing easy-to-use 3D viewing of as-built data over the internet

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