Common Applications of the FARO® Laser Tracker

FARO’s Laser Trackers are ideal solutions for industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, metalworking, machining, and assembly. They improve efficiency and quality in any application in which precise, large-scale measurements are performed.

Large Part Inspection

Easily collect measurements of large parts with these product solutions ...

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Increase machine performance and reduce downtime caused by misalignment ...

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Tool Building & Setup

Verify dimensional accuracy of tooling with portable CMMs from FARO.

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Machine Calibration

Ensure machines are calibrated and operating at optimal performance with ...

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CAD-Based Inspection

Quickly identify deviations from nominal CAD data with these solutions from ...

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Dimensional Analysis

Quickly capture measurements, perform inspections and ensure proper ...

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Robot Calibration

Perform on-site calibrations to ensure robot accuracy with portable CMMs ...

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Incoming Inspection

Prevent out-of-tolerance parts from reaching assembly with incoming Quality ...

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The FARO Laser Tracker

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