To ensure the quality of cast iron, aluminum and other metal products, while meeting customer demands on turnaround, it is vital that foundry and metal casting companies track critical die wear and correct any potential problems before final inspection of metal castings.

With FARO® portable CMMs, such as laser trackers and measuring arms, you can quickly take measurements and perform dimensional analysis on patterns, molds and dies directly on the foundry floor. The results are shorter product lead times for customers and the completion of entire manufacturing runs with minimal scrap and rework.

Goldens’ Foundry Reduces Inspection Times by Over 90% using a FARO Edge

The fast, and easy, setups with the Edge have greatly impacted the overall efficiency of the floor. Total check time for parts that once took 45 minutes and three position changes on a traditional CMM, are now done in only 2 and half minutes using the FARO Edge – a reduction of over 90%.

Trinity Forge Uses a Forward-Thinking Approach to an Ancient Process

Trinity Forge saw FARO’s pricing, the equipment’s ease-of-use, and the quality of the tool itself as their deciding factors. Within two months, they were at full steam and scanning, modeling scans, and reverse engineering dies and parts for maintenance. “The speed at which we can operate is a great value to us. Several new dies from the CNCs can be scanned in the morning and approved in the afternoon. Reverse engineering of parts, maintenance of parts, or die models are all a snap using FARO.”

Lafayette Steel and Aluminum Increases Process Capability with the FaroArm

The combination of versatility and accuracy in the FaroArm gives Lafayette a reliable measurement system that can be used on their complete range of products. The ability to highlight measurement variation and product consistency that was not previously understood has allowed Lafayette to improve their processes and capabilities and reduce their amount of scrap.


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