FARO Laser Tracker

Portable, Large-Scale, High-Accuracy 3D Measurement.

FARO Laser Tracker

FARO Laser Tracker Targets

A laser tracker and its targets go hand in hand. Regardless of how accurate the laser tracker is, the quality of the measurements is directly affected by the precision of the target. FARO’s spherically mounted retroreflectors (SMRs) showcase our dedication to providing a total measurement solution – by not only offering high performance laser trackers, but by also providing an accurate, robust, and affordable line of targets.

Accurate, Durable, Affordable Break Resistant SMRs

Three models

  1. Standard Accuracy (Black Ring)
  2. Long Range (Green Ring)
  3. High Performance (Blue Ring)

High performance model is 80% more accurate than Heavy Duty break resistant SMRs

Lower cost than previous break resistant models

Break Resistant Window SMRs

Ultimate performance in harsh environments

Window covering is designed to keep the reflective optics clean

Heavy Duty Break Resistant SMRs

Ability to operate at optimum performance at extreme temperatures

Glass Panel SMRs

Standard and high accuracy models

Repeatability Targets

Perfect target for repeatability surveys


Measure in recessed areas or small features such as holes, slots and machine faces


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