FARO® Laser Projector

FARO TracerM: 3D Laser Projection System for Efficient, Accurate, Laser-Guided Assembly and Production.


Eliminate Physical Templates with Virtual Templating and Positioning Solution.

The FARO® TracerM Laser Projector accurately projects a laser onto a surface or object, providing a virtual template which operators and assemblers use to quickly and accurately position components with absolute confidence. The laser template is created using a 3D CAD model which enables the system to visually project a laser outline of parts, artifacts, or areas of interest. The result is a virtual and collaborative 3D template to streamline a wide range of assembly and production applications.

Using CAD files to provide a virtual templating solution eliminates the need for physical templates and hard tooling. The risk of human error and costly scrap during assembly is significantly reduced. Manufacturers are able to avoid the time and expense associated with using large, heavy templates while significantly improving quality control processes. An easy-to-use operator interface minimizes both the time and the skill required for operation.

Intended for large-scale applications. The TracerM features accurate, variable and long-range projection to cover an envelope of up to 15.2 x 15.2 meters (50 x 50 feet), and has a 3D projection range of 1.8 to 15.2 meters (6 to 50 feet).

The FARO TracerM Laser Projector allows manufacturers to improve both quality and efficiency. Costly non-conformances are eliminated by implementing a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution to streamline production processes.


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