Ideal for quickly capturing highly accurate and detailed as-built conditions of historical structures and buildings, the FARO® Laser Scanner constructs 360-degree point clouds of scanned surfaces to create 3D models used in building restoration or historic preservation plans.

Providing researchers and scientists with 3D CAD models of as-built plans used to determine structural integrity, the FARO Laser Scanner offers a robust solution for restoration or scientific analysis purposes.

Digitally Documenting the Most Populated “City” in West Virginia

“The FARO Laser Scanner allows us to quickly document the environment while not disturbing or manipulating any features or objects. Additionally, we are afforded the freedom of selecting each scan location and point density that best fits the particular requirements of a project.”

Reconstructing Dinosaur Fossils Using the FARO Laser Scanner

Paleontologists from the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History are working towards reconstructing the anatomy of missing bones of a juvenile Apatosaurus. With approximately only 15% of the bones collected, scientists look to digitally reconstruct the rest of the bone structure using the model of the adult Apatosaurus currently on display in the Museum. Reverse engineering the large skeleton would be the best solution.


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