Crime Scene Analysis

Crime Scene Analysis
Crime Scene Analysis
Crime Scene Analysis

By allowing investigators to capture crime scenes in 3D, the FARO® Laser Scanner provides an exact record of the entire scene at the touch of a button and permits the site to be returned to normal use a short time later.

With 3D documentation replacing crime scene sketches, the crime scene reconstruction can be visited multiple times to verify witness testimony or evaluate hypotheses. Forensic scientists can accurately analyze line of sight, blood spatter and bullet trajectories to complement other techniques such as offender’s height estimation from video surveillance.

FARO Laser Scanner Focus for Accurate Forensic Documentation

The extremely easy to set-up FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D has been invaluable for Lancashire Police documenting quickly and accurately crime scenes.

FARO Laser Scanner – a valuable tool in the fight against crime

With the help of the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D a complete scene could be revisited by the trial by using the scanned data and images. It was the first time that laser scanning data has been introduced and accepted as evidence in a Canadian criminal trial and such has set a legal precedent.

Using 3D Laser Technology Results in Significant Savings for Interagency Investigation Team

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office (Oregon) leads an interagency Criminal Reconstruction and Forensic Team (CRAFT) that includes Reconstructionists from eight different police agencies. In the past, the team used a total station to map crash scenes and a handheld distance meter for interior scenes. Today, their measurement device of choice is a Focus3D X 330 laser scanner.


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