Large Part Inspection

Large Part Inspection
Large Part Inspection
Large Part Inspection

In many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment manufacturing, large-scale measurements are a common requirement. Given the large scale of various components in each of these industries, consistent, accurate measurements are necessary to maintain design intent and performance; however, taking large-volume measurements can be a cumbersome and slow task.

FARO®’s groundbreaking large volume metrology tools, such as the FARO Laser Tracker streamlines the entire inspection process. Quickly taking precision measurements at any scale, portable metrology solutions provide the highest accuracy with the least amount of user variability, eliminating costly rework and scrap.

FARO Laser Tracker integrated into the ESS Bilbao particle accelerator

SS Bilbao is a technical scientific facility facing the challenge of constructing the first high-intensity linear accelerator in Spain. This is currently the most important scientific project in the Basque Country, as well as being a prominent European model for particle accelerator technology. The FARO Laser Tracker ION is integrated into the entire accelerator system, has become a fundamental instrument in this ambitious project. It is currently the indispensable solution for providing measurements in the field of metrology and for the alignment of the accelerator with maximum precision in 3D.

Large size? Not a problem!

High degree of flexibility and great inspection capabilities: due to these characteristics, the FARO Laser Tracker ION enables Tacchi Giacomo e Figli S.p.A. to make precise measurements on parts up to 55 metres long in a single step.

FARO Laser Tracker optimises machine symmetry

The large Frech die casting machines are twelve-metre-long giants but even so, extreme accuracy is required in their manufacture. Finally the Swabians opted for a Laser Tracker from FARO. From then on there were no more problems, only solutions.

FARO Laser Measurement aids Alexander Dennis Quality

The FARO Laser Tracker Vantage has helped to speed up jig and fixture measurement and chassis inspection and to enhance ADLs accuracy capacity.


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