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Man of the Woods: Justin Timberlake World Tour

Man of the Woods: Justin Timberlake World Tour

About the Experience:

Working closely with Justin Timberlake’s creative team, the laser scans captured several scenes of the Portland Forest in Oregon, USA to create the visual language for his world tour, Man of the Woods. By laser projecting sequoia trees with their striking transparent textures and fluo colours onto shapeshifting scrims descending from above the stage, ScanLab Project helped creating an immersive and hypnotic natural landscape.

Technique and Workflow

  • On location: 1 day on site
  • ¼ resolution scans for both above ground
  • 40 scans in total

The ScanLAB team used 2 Faro Focus x330 in a traditional static setup with a survey tripod. Referencing was done with 145mm spheres, clamped to trees or staked into the ground, taking care not to place these in areas where the final renders would be taken. Processing: Statically captured scan data from the x330, was aligned using Faro Scene 6.2. Following filtering and automatic target detection, successful target based alignment was completed for the location. The projection surfaces during the performance required very high resolution video because of their size. The renders in excess of 10,000px wide were created using ScanLAB’s rendering engine.

The Success of the x330

With only limited time available on location, the ability of the x330 to capture an enormous amounts of data, at ranges of over 300m was instrumental to the success of this production. The production team were able to quickly download and process the scan data to make informed decisions about sites and the kinds of unique visual images and aesthetics intentions behind his tour.

About ScanLAB Projects

ScanLAB Projects are one of the UK’s leading providers of large scale 3D scan data. They specialise in visualisation of pointcloud data for film, tv, advertising and the creative industries. Their work has been broadcasted internationally and exhibited at leading cultural institutions across the world. They are currently working with leading architects, scientists, broadcasters and artists on a portfolio of projects worldwide. https://scanlabprojects.co.uk/

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