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Merciless environments in the world of dredging, mining and offshore

Merciless environments in the world of dredging, mining and offshore

Merciless environments in the world of dredging, mining and offshore

Dredging industry: IHC Parts & Services offers a service network for IHC Merwede’s clients worldwide. Its core activity is to keep IHC Merwede’s dredging and mining equipment (and additional equipment) operational in a cost-effective manner.

IHC Merwede focuses on the continuing development of design and construction actvities for the specialized maritime sector. The company is the worldwide market leader in the area of efficient dredging and mining ships and material – with decades of experience – and a reliable supplier of custom-built ships and equipment for the offshore market. IHC Merwede has more than 3,000 employees in various locations in the Netherlands, Brazil, China, Croatia, France, India, Malaysia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. As a full-service supplier, IHC Parts & Services puts dredging and mining operators in a position to reduce their total cost of ownership through technical availability, total logistic support and training. But there are few industrial activities in which components are exposed to such abrasion and the resulting wear and tear such as is the case in dredging activities. To minimalize these effects of wear and tear, IHC has paid a lot of attention to the design process of products.

At the same time, the materials have a special composition in which a heat treatment optimises their hardness and toughness. The Quality Control department has been making use of a FaroArm Platinum of since 2006 and of a Faro Laser Tracker since 2007. Mainly the parts of dredging installations –and offshore ships have to be controlled, such as fans, pumps, swivels, axles, glide pieces and bearing brackets. The department’s main aim is incoming goods inspection and final inspection of their own products to ensure quality. In addition, FARO products are used to measure the complete onboard piping of dredging installations, ranging from simple straight sections to complex three- and four-branched tube assemblies. In addition, measurements are carried out on board ships, so that dismantling becomes redundant, which significantly eases the burden. IHC Parts & Services’ customers include dredging companies, such as for example, Van Oord, Boskalis, DEME and Jan de Nul. In addition, the Quality Control department also carries out inspections for other internal units, such as IHC Fabrication with associated customers from offshore, such as SBM Offshore and GustoMSC. “These are all customers who have high demands concerning form and spatial tolerances”, reports Jelle Koolstra, Quality Control Manager at IHC Parts & Services. Especially for the measurement of forms spatial tolerances, conventional equipment is usually not sufficient and FaroArm Platinum or FARO Laser Tracker provides the solution”, according to Koolstra.

Before FARO’s entry into the company, the Quality Control department performed measurements with objects such as moulds, callipers, altimeters and another producer’s measuring arm. “By switching to the FaroArm, we save costs and time compared to the previous product that we used”. One of the advantages of the FaroArm Platinum is that the arm is easy to handle. Physical effort is thus limited to a minimum. “In addition to mobility and ease of use, we believe customers have grown and we can use the CAM2 Measure 10 software to quickly create concise reports.” Strong points of the FARO Laser Tracker are its high accuracy and wide range (diameter of 110 m). The ‘top of the line’ level of dredging and offshore components is thus retained”. When asked whether IHC Parts & Services is considering purchasing other FARO products, Koolstra replies that they are interested in a Gage, a new model measuring arm and as an extension to this a ScanArm or laser line probe (LLP) for contactless measurements. “We have already acted as a reference several times in particular to our suppliers and some of these suppliers in the meantime also now have measuring equipment from FARO.”


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