System Integration

System Integration
System Integration
System Integration

FARO´s broad range of 3D systems and software solutions for metrology plays a key role in enabling system integrators to master demanding requirements and growing complexity in system and industrial automation.

Applications that are based on and supported by FARO technology cover:

  • Automated inspection, measurement and verification
  • Alignment, setup and inspection of large volume assemblies
  • Automation of analysis processes
  • Assembly checks and verification
  • Robot calibration
  • Automated measurements by robot cells

and more.

Using industry leading technology:

  • 3D Machine sensors, e.g. laser based, photogrammetry
  • Laser Trackers
  • Laser Projectors
  • Augmented Reality
  • Metrology and automation software

FARO technology – the right choice for system integrators

By integrating FARO 3D technology, you can count on a reliable and experienced technology partner, that offers a well-known brand and provides you with:

  • Innovative, best in class technology – both hardware and software
  • A strong global footprint for products, services, training and support
  • Software development and customization that expands your R&D team with FARO expertise on 3D technology and software
  • Solution consulting and technical support for your automation and integration projects
  • An extensive and well established global customer base

In addition, system integrators can become a part of the FARO partner network and thus profit from joint projects and customer referrals.

Discover FARO 3D technology for your projects

FARO products such as Laser Scanners, Laser Trackers, 3D imaging and machine vision systems as well as FARO software enable you to efficiently conceptualize, plan and implement automated solutions for a broad range of applications with unlimited potential.

To explore how to leverage FARO technology in system integration and to find the right FARO system for your projects:
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Or learn more about the impact of FARO 3D technology on system integration in our case studies:

100% In-Line Inspection based on FARO Cobalt Imager
Learn more on how Dynacraft achieved to replace sample plans by a 100-percent inspection rate for their assemblies with an automated inspection solution based on the FARO Cobalt Imager and an industrial robot

Robot Calibration based on the FARO Laser Tracker

Learn more about how FARO Laser Tracker technology enabled Cirrus Aircraft to validate the setup of robots, ensure its true position accuracy and cut tooling costs.


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