Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering

Providing a way to generate missing CAD files and update or create as-built documentation, reverse engineering allows users to quickly digitize a part or object and create a fully surfaced CAD model which can then be used to reproduce an item.

Using non-contact 3D laser scanning, FARO®’s portable CMM and 3D documentation solutions integrate 3D modelling processes into a single step. FARO’s non-contact measurement solutions are ideal for a multitude of reverse engineering applications including the development of virtual simulations of automotive interiors, rapid prototyping in plastics manufacturing and composite surface inspections in aerospace assembly.

FARO Meets Customer’s Automotive to Music Instrument Application Needs with New 3D Metrology Technology

Automotive: MSK. Inc.
Since integrating the FaroArm to its manufacturing operations, MSK has reduced the amount of time spent on positioning components, setting up measurement devices, and performing the actual measurement process. A job that used to take half a day to complete now only requires one to two hours, allowing MSK to enjoy significant time-savings.

Alf Engineering Enjoys Higher Precision & Efficiency with FARO

Automotive: Alf Engineering Pvt Ltd
FaroArm Fusion eliminated Alf Engineering’s concerns for human error and allowed the team to acquire measurements in a much shorter time. The device produces consistent results, regardless of the operator’s skill or experience. Its ability to record data digitally has reduced measurement time and enabled reports to be generated quickly and easily, as there was no longer a need for manual recording of data.

Turbine Manufacturer Enjoys Multi-Fold Improvement in Productivity

Energy: Swan Turbine Services Pvt Ltd
When FARO first reached out to suggest an on-site product demonstration, Swan Turbine was interested to find out more. “Once we saw the device in action, there was no doubt in my mind that it would improve our production processes tremendously,” said Mr. Srinivas Gummadi, General Manager of Swan Turbine.

Makuta Visual Effects Boosts Production Value with FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D

Motion Pictures: Makuta Visual Effects
Mr. Draper said, “By relying on the Focus3D for data collection, we are saving a tremendous amount of time, reducing the total time spent from a matter of days into just hours. The scanner gets it right the first time round, and we only need to rescan if the set gets changed. The highly accurate data enhances our work in the areas of general set extension, motion tracking, and texturing.”

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