Accuracy is key in almost every aspect of aerospace manufacturing and aircraft assembly and 3D measurement technology is critical to delivering it. FARO’s portable CMMs, including measuring arms, and laser trackers, provide dimensional quality control of large and small aircraft parts – on site and at the point of manufacture.

Whether the task is tooling, jig or fixture alignment, part inspection, surface analysis, 3D modeling or as-built documentation for plant layout, FARO’s precision portable CMMs and 3D laser scanners leave absolutely no room for error.

Unitech Engineers Skyrockets its Way to Success with FARO

Aerospace: Unitech Engineers
The Gage stood out as the winning choice for Unitech because of its versatility. As the precision engineering firm made its first foray into the 3D measurement world, transiting from traditional hand tools like calipers, height gauges, and micrometers, it found that the Gage suited their needs perfectly. A robust device that can withstand the harsh working conditions of the shop floor, the Gage allows users to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly, and accurately.

TAL Soars to Greater Heights with FARO Measurement Solutions

Aerospace: TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd
In the aerospace industry where safety concerns always come under the spotlight, measurement requirements must be thorough to ensure zero deviation from computer-aided design (CAD) data. Measuring systems that can provide accurate measurements are therefore considered vital support equipment in the industry.

Meiwa Kiko Streamlines Aircraft Component Manufacturing with FARO

Aerospace: Meiwa Kiko Co., Ltd
The Boeing 787, also known as the ‘Dreamliner’, is truly a dream aircraft with advanced features that improve a passenger’s air flight experience. The first Boeing 787 in Japan was launched by All Nippon Airways in 2011. This was possible in part due to Meiwa Kiko Co.,Ltd (Meiwa Kiko), which manufactured various components of the aircraft.

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