Ensuring the quality of a car’s performance and design, 3D measurement technology solutions from FARO provide a simple, yet accurate way of taking contact and non-contact measurements for quality control in automobile manufacturing and assembly.

Portable CMMs such as articulating arms can be used for rapid prototyping, analyzing car body panels or inspecting a body-in-white, while large-volume laser trackers can be implemented for alignment, robot calibration or first article inspection tasks. For as-built documentation and plant layout projects, FARO’s 3D laser scanner is the ideal solution.

Whether it’s motorsports, prestige cars or utility vehicles, FARO has a three-dimensional measurement solution for all your automotive inspection and modeling needs.

FARO Partners Kunshan Royal Gauge in Frontline Quality Control

Automotive: Kunshan Royal Gauge Industry Co., Ltd.
Mr. Peng Yanwu, Measurement Engineer, explained, “As business continued to expand, we were faced with ever-changing customer demands. Our priority was in securing an easy-to-use device that would satisfy our customers’ needs. After careful deliberation, we firmly decided on the FaroArm for its outstanding performance in various measurement scenarios, and we have held fast to our choice in the last seven years.

FaroArm Provides Systems Integrator with Quick and Precise Welding

Automotive: MH Robot & Automation Co., Ltd.
Mr. Lan emphasized, “Each of FARO’s products automatically generate test reports. This function simplifies our work greatly when it comes to goods delivery, as it provides data support to our clients when inspecting and accepting the products.

FARO Lends a Helping Hand to the Development and Production of Automotive Fixtures

Automotive: Shanghai Sinylon Auto Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Mr. Cao further elaborated, “In the automotive production process, the precision of the welding fixtures is of utmost importance, especially for the vehicle body. In order to maintain precision on welding fixtures and improve geometric accuracy of the resulting vehicle body component, inspection checks on the fixtures are imperative.

FaroArm Indispensable in the Development of Custom Parts

Automotive: Plot Inc
PLOT used to face various problems in producing custom parts. Hand tools such as vernier calipers and height gauges often could not enter the gaps between built-in motorbike parts. As a result, the entire motorbike had to be stripped down once, just so that the installation location could be measured.

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