Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery

The manufacture and repair of heavy equipment and machinery, such as large military vehicles, earthmovers and other construction machinery, is ideally suited to the use of portable CMMs which eliminates the need to transport them to a measuring location.

Instead, operators can take portable metrology equipment, such as the FARO®Laser Tracker, FaroArm, and ScanArm on-site and use them in varying temperatures and conditions to perform tool building, part inspection and alignment, 3D modeling and reverse engineering tasks. By applying 3D measurement solutions, accuracy and product quality significantly improve.

JFE Mechanical Meets Wide-Variety of Measurement Needs with FARO

Heavy Machinery: JFE Mechanical Co., Ltd
The company strives to “contribute to the society with the world’s best technology at all times”. In line with that corporate mission, JFE Mechanical owns several sets of FARO Laser Tracker Vantage and FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D. It is certain that the company will continue to provide high-quality measurement services to various industries with its gamut of high-tech equipment.

TAL Soars to Greater Heights with FARO Measurement Solutions

Aerospace: TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd
In the aerospace industry where safety concerns always come under the spotlight, measurement requirements must be thorough to ensure zero deviation from computer-aided design (CAD) data. Measuring systems that can provide accurate measurements are therefore considered vital support equipment in the industry.

R&D Quality Impacts Product Quality

Heavy Machinery: YANMAR Co., LTD.
The nature of projects at the Central Research Institute called for 3D measurement devices as part of its technical support service. Given the lack of a temperature-controlled facility for fixed-type 3D measurement systems and needed to measure on the shop floor, Yanmar decided to opt for a portable measurement device instead.

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