Medical Systems

Medical Systems

Medical advances in fields such orthopedics, neurosurgery and the development of prosthetic parts can lead to new diagnostic tools, devices and components which depend on reverse engineering and/or rapid prototyping. Portable CMMs such as FARO’s measuring arm allow researchers to measure and scan a part quickly, compare with a CAD model or check the accuracy of fit prior to use.

3D inspection, modeling, and simulation using the FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm fosters innovation in medicine by providing highly accurate data for use in research, product design and other clinical applications.

Reducing Costs for Small-sized Semiconductor Factories

Semiconductor and Medical: Gcube Inc.
Now, Gcube deploys the Design ScanArm at its Engineering Business Department, for the reverse engineering of parts — for both semiconductor machinery and medical devices. By commercializing this work, Gcube successfully contributed to lowering its clients’ manufacturing costs.

OG Giken Attains Quality Improvements with FARO

Medical Systems: OG Giken Co., Ltd.
OG Giken is able to provide precise feedback to manufacturers. Since problematic areas and its causes are clearly highlighted, issues can be addressed in an accurate and timely manner, resulting in an overall improvement in quality.

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