FARO® Visual Inspect™ Software

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FARO<sup>®</sup> Visual Inspect™ Software

Visual Inspect Features

Key Features of Visual Inspect

Intuitive Touch Functions

The user operates by using simple App gestures. This simplifies the handling of zooming, translating and rotating the 3D data. Even complex multi-step functions are quickly accessible via the context menu, which depends on the currently-selected 3D element.



Based on intelligent measuring functions, the user is able to interact with the 3D data to get additional useful details concerning the feature of interest. This information helps the operator to manage tasks more efficiently. Absolute and relative measurements of points, edges and surfaces as well as radii and angles are available and easy to access.



Comprehensive functions allow real-time or step-by-step sectioning of parts and assemblies. Depending on specific needs, users can choose different section views such as 2D or 3D and filled or unfilled.



The real-time creation and addition of annotations such as texts and images in the 3D viewer allows the user to mark errors or add advice for other users. Additionally the operator can define status (unchecked, checked and wrong) for special features. The annotations and the results of such inspections are collected in protocols (xlsx format) and can be exported for follow-up processes.


QR Scan

The user can open the 3D data by scanning a QR code placed on the corresponding part (or assembly). This facilitates and optimizes the workflow because it is not necessary to know the name of the part. This allows a significant efficiency gain, especially in the case of hundreds of parts, which have to be checked.


Embedded Image Editor

Users can post-process documentation images with sketch elements and texts for detailed issue descriptions.


Model Media Manager

All media is managed inside the App for easy processing and secure data handling.


Key Features of Visual Inspect AR

Augmented Reality with Markers

With the tablet’s integrated camera, an overlay of the as-built object with virtual 3D data, including all process and workflow information, can be realized in real-time. The precise match between the virtual and the real world is guaranteed by a simple marker alignment system placed by the user. The markers are then reliably and automatically identified from the App even in poor lighting conditions.


Augmented Reality without Markers

Connect 3D points on a CAD model with 2D points in one corresponding image to create a precise overlay without markers. This enables an efficient overlay process even in difficult environmental conditions, e.g., when marker placement is not possible because of space limitations or the assembly is very large.


Location and Time Independent Overlay

Operators can take pictures on-site and overlay CAD data and pictures at a later time. Additionally, overlays are saved and can be reproduced anytime and anywhere.

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