FARO ScanPlan™ – Techsheet

Professionals working in architecture, construction, engineering and public safety have the challenge of gathering vast amounts of information with fewer people. It is that much more critical to capture floor plans with the proper technology quickly and accurately. With the ScanPlan™ FARO® combines speed and precision and many more features to streamline everyday 2D workflows.

FARO ScanPlan, an innovative, handheld device that enables you to measure and document 2D floor plans of buildings in no time. Simply walk through the building at normal speed and point the ScanPlan at the walls. As you walk, the floor plan diagram is created in real-time on a smartphone (Android or iPhone). The ScanPlan captures nearly 29,000 points/second, with a 230° field of view, so even the most complex buildings can be mapped in minutes.

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