When developing and building complex and technologically advanced military systems, defense manufacturers rely on measurement accuracy and speed.

For armies, navies and air forces across the world, portable CMMs and other 3D measurement technology solutions from FARO in the form of measuring arms, laser trackers and 3D laser scanners are helping to build military vehicles and weapons such as tanks, frigates and fighter aircrafts.

These portable metrology systems handle tasks such as component inspection and reverse engineering, retrofitting components and systems, environment mapping and battle damage documentation.

Unitech Engineers Skyrockets its Way to Success with FARO

Aerospace: Unitech Engineers
The Gage stood out as the winning choice for Unitech because of its versatility. As the precision engineering firm made its first foray into the 3D measurement world, transiting from traditional hand tools like calipers, height gauges, and micrometers, it found that the Gage suited their needs perfectly. A robust device that can withstand the harsh working conditions of the shop floor, the Gage allows users to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly, and accurately.

Wakazono Seiki Develops New Business Opportunities with its Enhanced Capabilities through FARO

Mold Making: Wakazono Seiki Co.,Ltd
In its search for the right device, the procurement team was quick to specify the need for laser, non-contact measurement – a capability that was beyond what its current coordinate measuring machine (CMM) could perform.

Mission Support Inc. Overhauls U.S. Air Force B-52s Using the FaroArm

Aerospace: Mission Support Incorporated
In an effort to improve the dimensional accuracy of the placement of the piece parts reattached to the ducts, Mission Support production personnel tried locating everything using the FaroArm.

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